High GCV Coal

For the first time in South India we have imported High GCV (pulverized)coal with 7,000 kcal/kg from a Japanese Owned Indonesian Mine specifically for the steel re-rolling mills. This coal is a substitute for the US Coal.

Few Advantages of our 7000 GCV Coal :

  • Direct Import from Japanese owned Indonesian Mine
  • Quality Coal without any contamination (Blending / Mixing)
  • Regular supply throughout the year
  • Production Increase due to constant heating
  • Reduction in Furnace Jam
  • Increase in Furnace Life
  • Saving Energy consumption
  • Low ASH / Moisture
  • Reduction in Pollution
  • Cost Saving

Sources :

Equentia Natural Resourcess (DMCC), Coal Fulse Pvt Ltd and Trivani Earth Movers , Indonesia.

The Coal Parameters :

GCV (ADB)6445 Kcal/ Kg
Ash 5 - 6%
Moisture 18%

High GCV Brochure